Naruto Signature & GIF request Thread [Read guidelines]

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Naruto Signature & GIF request Thread [Read guidelines]

Beitrag  tailocdacnien am Di Jul 19, 2011 11:20 am

Well this is a recreation of the famous "Taking requests for Naruto GIF's" thread that was deleted. Since all the GIF's were deleted Im going to have to repost all the GIF's that Ive created again (this is going to take some time so please be patient).
1. Please specify episode and timeframe of the GIF
We're not psychics. We do not know what you want, so give us something specific to work with. Be detailed about the description and make sure you keep the timeframe something of 2-3 seconds long.

Example: I want a GIF from Episode 1453 where Naruto gets eaten by a bear. Timeframe of: 10:32-10:34.

Dont ask what software was used to create these GIF's.
This isn't the thread to discuss that. There's threads already out there for that, so go off and search for them.

Only ask for GIFs abiding by AnimeSuki Rules
This is mainly aimed towards avatars since its easier to meet the size requirements that were on this message board earlier. So that will be 100x100 and under 50kb. Signatures may be requested but they should be under the 50kb requirement also.

Be Patient
Don't be stringy and keep asking for your GIF, you will get them when you get them. If you want your GIF sooner then go make them yourself. We are doing this for you from our own free will. We're not your dogs, so don't ask like you're the master.

If you do not follow by these rules, you will be ignored. So don't bother asking again until you properly request something. And if you are just plain annoying, Dranz will come in and silence you.

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Re: Naruto Signature & GIF request Thread [Read guidelines]

Beitrag  qweasd am Sa Aug 06, 2011 9:11 am

hat Naruto is a baka and Hinata-chan is shy we probably won't see anything between thoose two until I hit my fourties (17 now)...

How likely do you guys think it is that we'll see some romance in Naruto? And have you got any theories on who we would see together? Hmm, I'm still convinced that we'll see Naruto and Sasuke as a couple within the near future..

(Think about it, Sasuke's first kiss? They're always squabbling like an old married couple, Sasuke sacrificed himself for Naruto when they were fighting Haku and by doing that he was also sacrificing what to him matters the most (or does it?), his revange on Itachi. Btw, who can resist that Naruto smile? It's not like Jiraya's, but still... irresistible...)heel pain doctor San Antonio
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